winter update banner General Updates

  • Added 1.19.3 support
  • Lobby has been updated for the winter
  • Boat race is back with a new season
  • Added TNT Minecarts
  • Added Stone & Moss blocks

Other Changes

  • The boat race track has been slightly changed to include more ice variants
  • Hoes and shears now have more available enchantments
  • Lobby has a chance to snow occasionally
  • Removed win streaks statistics from some custom duels
  • Removed some custom duels from /topstats

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to move curse of binding items using hot bar keys
  • Fixed multiple custom settings not working properly
  • Fixed not being able to break tripwire in UHC duels
  • Fixed being able to make portals in some duels
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs