What is the server’s IP?

You can connect to the main server using play.pvplegacy.net.

Do you support Bedrock Edition/cracked accounts?

The server is Java Edition and only supports purchased Minecraft accounts from Minecraft.net.

What’s the link to the discord?


How do I verify?

Type /verify confirm in one of our Minecraft duels lobbies and copy the given 6-digit code into the #verify channel in our Discord.

Why should I verify?

Verifying your account on the Discord has a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to access more channels, post media links, claim your donator role, use /report on the Minecraft server, and much more!

How do I appeal a ban/mute or report a player/bug/exploit?

Create a support ticket in our Discord by opening a ticket in #contact-support.

I purchased a rank but did not receive it

Try relogging & using /changerank to switch to the rank you purchased. If that doesn’t work create a ticket on our Discord.

I left the Discord and lost my donator roles and/or bought a rank upgrade, how do I get my roles?

Simply verify your account again. Read how to verify above.

Where do people get PvPLegacy cosmetics? How can I get a rank?

You can purchase ranks & cosmetics at https://store.pvplegacy.net/!

Where is the server hosted?

The server resides in Virginia, USA. A future European server is planned without a confirmed date.

What are Gems and XP used for?

Gems and XP aren’t yet used for anything. This may change in future updates.

What clients/mods are allowed?

The following clients are officially approved as they do not provide an unfair advantage to other players: Lunar, Feather, Alpine, Badlion, and Labymod. You are allowed to use visual mods as long as they do not reveal other players’ locations, ores through walls, or server easter eggs. Inventory management mods and autoclickers are not allowed.

Can I use Geyser/ViveCraft?

No official support is available for Geyser or Vivecraft, so use at your own risk.

How can I get YouTube/Twitch/TikTok rank?

You need at least 40k YouTube subscribers (200k subscribers if your content is primarily shorts or if your channel is inactive), 8k Twitch followers, or 400k TikTok followers to be eligible for a content creator rank. Additionally, you must have some form of previous social media interaction with the server (livestream, video, or short). If you meet these requirements, open a ticket on our discord.

How can I get the Affiliate rank?

The Affiliate rank serves to recognize significant community content creators. The staff team may award this rank to a player if they recognize them as a dedicated PvP Legacy content creator.

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